to G or not to G

Urban dictionary defines street art/ graffiti as any art developed in public places…’in the streets’ – though the term usually refers to art of an illicit nature, it can be incredibly creative and entertaining.
The works we like to feature here are well thought out, inspiring pieces.
Melbourne, Australia has a laneway assigned specifically for street artists; people come from all over the world to see and contribute to it.
Most major cities around the world have their street art areas where well known artists come to paint; security cameras are installed to catch the taggers (signatures of no real artistic merit) who are known for spraying over existing works of art.
check out this link to get the lowdown on distinguishing between what is art and what is crap for those who aren’t quite sure…—illustrated
Please feel free to send us your photos of street art and if we love em we’ll feature them…thanks in advance for submissions.