Photo 2719_2 From Avalon on the northern beaches of Sydney, Mia Galo studied design, photography, life drawing, graphics and sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts. She worked as an art director and Illustrator for 15 years as well as a designer and consultant. She has been painting professionally since 1995.

artist statement

Art should have mystery and be direct at the same time…it should move you…be daring and adventurous- and have a sense of abandonment. The line I like to ride is the one between sensuality and vulnerability. It’s an edge where the two collide and create a point of intrigue. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to express something that’s intangible. To capture the complexities on an emotional and intellectual level; creating art that’s close to the skin. I’m interested in what appears to be…and what is. I enjoy the unpredictability of materials…experimenting with something I may find at the hardware store for example…and using it in a way it should not be used. The risk of using uncertain materials to create a volatile situation is part of the creative process for me, and I appreciate that in a moment something can be created or destroyed. An integral part of the process is also to be open to allowing myself to express that creativity through my other passions – photography, design, sculpture and conceptual work. From one flows the other… if I’m taking photos, more often than not, it inspires a series of a paintings. If I’m in design mode, a photo session, a painting or a conceptual piece may evolve.


 “Mia’s work is generous, passionate boundless. She displays an innate understanding of colour, texture and space.”

“The energy and movement in Mia Galo’s work is inspiring. She manages to capture a moment- and you’re (the viewer) there. Her use of texture and colour is verging on sculptural. You’re compelled to touch it – like a sculpture.”

“Mia’s dynamic women cavort across canvases in rich splashes of colour and line. Unashamedly provocative and even voyeuristic, Mia’s work attracts and stimulates the viewer rather than confronting them. Mia’s work proves her unparalleled ability to convey the sensual through colour and texture alone. Indeed it is this elevation of the corporeal that gives Mia’s work it’s intoxicating vitality.”

“Mia Galo creates compelling work that intrigues and seduces.  There’s a strength, a command, infused with a vulnerability.”


Artwork in collections in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and throughout Australia.


  • Orson and Blake/ Mac cosmetics
  • PLC College
  • Victor Chang Heart Foundation
  • Greenpeace
  • Children with Disabilities
  • Fr John Therry School, Balmain
  • The Starlight Foundation
  • The Humane Society


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