Choosing the correct colour for your walls

03 November 2014


Choosing the correct colour for your walls is one of the most important things you can do.

Colour influences the way we feel, sets the mood of a room and really makes a space come alive.

It’s a way of expressing your personality and creativity.

A room dictates whether this should be in the form of a feature wall or all four walls….more about that another time, but here are a few examples of the use of colour using Porters Paint.

I love Porters products for their choice of finishes / colours and versatility.

Another tip when using solid colour is to break it up by placing something of complimentary colour against it/ or in front of it.

For example, a hall table in redwood against a warm charcoal feature wall. Add a vase of flowers in whites and soft greens, a few interesting objects scattered on the table in complimentary sizes and shapes and you have a visually stimulating corner.

Lighting also plays a big part in enhancing a good wall colour.

I’ll be dedicating a comprehensive article to the use of lighting in achieving optimum results later on, but here are a few inspirational shots to excite your creative senses.

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